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Wells Asphalt Services

Well’s Asphalt provides a number of exterior construction services for commercial and residential clients in Clintondale and the surrounding areas.

Stone and Milling

We provide stone and milling services for any type of property, including road and bump milling, along with milling haul off for recycling. We are able to manufacture difficult concrete mixes, creating a finished surface or thin overlay for parking lots and sidewalks. We also plane rock to achieve final elevation on grading sites to avoid over excavation and backfilling.

Small Excavation

small excavation

Using equipment from the most trusted brands in the industry, we offer small excavation services for basements, water main installations, tree removal, and more. We also work with commercial properties to excavate for parking lots, parking structures, flowerbeds, and other shallow excavation work.

Parking Lots

Wells Asphalt works with commercial properties to build, renovate, or repair parking lots of any size. From small, one-row lots to shopping mall parking lots, no area is too big or too small. We excavate grass, create a gravel base, pour multiple layers of asphalt, add sealer, and paint the lines. Our contractors also repair potholes and cracks, repaint faded lines, or add on to existing parking lots.

Retaining Walls & Paver Stones

Our construction team builds and repairs retaining walls and paver stones. Whether you need a small retaining wall to border your flower bed, an expansive wall for a subdivision, or anything in between, we create walls with brick, round stones, or slate. Wells Asphalt also lays paver stone designs for driveways, paths, patios, and more.

Patios & Sidewalks


Our Clintondale construction company also builds patios and sidewalks. From simple square areas to elaborate layouts and patterns, we can design any patio or sidewalk for your home or business. We have concrete, asphalt, and paving stone options available.

Drainage Piping

Wells Asphalt also installs drainage pipes to direct the flow of rain water away from homes and businesses to avoid puddles and flooding. We create solutions for houses, apartment complexes, commercial buildings, public properties, and municipal areas, installing the pipes into concrete or soil.


Our experienced construction company in Clintondale also finishes parking lots with our striping services. This involves painting lines for all spaces, handicap areas, “no parking”, and other parking lot markers. We offer this service for new parking lots and those in which the lines have faded or worn off.

Snow Plowing

New York experiences heavy snowfall every winter, making it difficult to drive and move around your property after a big storm. Wells Asphalt takes the work out of our snow removal by plowing residential and commercial lots. We’ll clear the snow from your driveway, sidewalks, side streets, and parking lots.

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